Oct 23 2015

Three Things to do in October to Prepare For a Less Stressful Christmas

Three things you can do in October for a less stressful Christmas

62 days until Christmas. Yes, I just went there. Even before Halloween. I don’t like the Christmas décor in the stores right now any more than you do. But you know what? I’ve got this sweet spot of about two quiet weeks right now and I want to use them for good! I’m not encouraging you to …

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Aug 05 2015

A Summer Adventure: Appreciating Time with My Kids

Summer Adventure

As the final weeks of summer rush upon us, I decided that I wanted to take the kids on an adventure. They have had plenty of time at various camps and have maxed out their fort building and game playing skills on “at home” days. Plus, when we stay home, I’m always in “doing” mode. …

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Mar 13 2015

Stupid Pink Ribbons

Pink ribbons are everywhere! Grocery products donating proceeds to breast cancer research, pink ribbon socks, tees, earrings, etc., sports teams wearing pink ribbon patches; it’s clear that our society wants to save the boobies! But did you know that most other types of cancer have a color to represent support for it too? When was the last …

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Mar 06 2015

Strengthen Your Family: Eat dinner together

Of all the traditions that I’ve tried to create for my family, eating dinner together every night might be the most important. In our crazy, hurried world, this is one of my best “balancing the busy” tactics. I’m not sure if it began consciously. As a couple, my husband and I always ate together and …

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Feb 27 2015

Parenting: Tough Talks and Teaching Moments

This week my fourth grade daughter watched the “family life” video at school. Already!? Yes. So I gave her a little preview talk since we hadn’t talked about that “stuff” yet. I previewed the video the night before, prepared to talk perspiration, pimples, and periods. Then I saw that it briefly touches on the reproductive …

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Feb 21 2015

Need a Weekend Getaway? Experience Sonoma County

I had the pleasure of a 30-hour getaway with my husband in mid-January to Sonoma, CA. When we try to balance the busy and find some “me” time, an overnight vacation is just enough for a quick recharge! What a beautiful place it is to visit. Even in the heart of winter, we had 60 …

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Feb 13 2015

A Reminder About What Balance Looks Like

It drives me crazy that no matter how hard I try to balance my busy, writing always gets the shaft. And yet if I had “free time” I would write all day, every day, with a smile on my face. No blogs were completed this week (though they have been started!), but all for a …

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Feb 06 2015

Gift Like You Mean It

Gift like you mean it. Isn’t that a great saying? I discovered a new small business in my neighborhood called Spin that uses the slogan. It got me thinking how some of us have become too busy to put thought behind gifts anymore. It’s so easy to make a quick run through the gift card …

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Jan 26 2015

A Teachable Moment- Yes, kids need boundaries!

My son is a funny, sweet six-year-old boy. He does well in school, makes friends easily, and is (relatively) well-behaved. Not often do I get a chance to exercise the parenting skills I read about. Until last night. We went to church late so he was tired and acting impish on the way home (getting …

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Jan 23 2015

What if You Only Had Six Months to Live?

Close your eyes, or turn away from the screen, and ponder that question for just 30 seconds or so. What would you do? When I first heard this question asked of me yesterday as an exercise at a meeting, I felt really uncomfortable. I worry enough as it is, I really didn’t want to seriously …

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